Grizzly G0836 VS Grizzly G7214Z VS Grizzly G0720R VS Grizzly G7215Z Tilting Spindle Shaper

Grizzly G0836 Mini Mill 2.7 Variable Speed with DRO If you need a mill but are not sure what features to choose from, look no further than the G0836 Mini Mill! We have incorporated all the best mini mill features into one perfect package. With a variable-speed, hi-torque 1 HP motor and an R-8 spindle, this machine is ready to take some serious cuts. It comes fully loaded with variable-speed power feed, 3-axis digital DRO system, and fine-feed depth control with an additional digital DRO for precise and repeatable results. Also, the 5-1/2″ x 23-3/8″ table provides ample space for[…]

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